Xplor Bravest Race welcomes 2000 Competitors

RIVIERA MAYA, Q. ROO on June 3rd, 2015.- Considering natural settings in which it operates and the type of challenges of its participants, Xplor Bravest Race reaches its third edition ranking as the best race of obstacles and persecution in Mexico, the committee reported. The race will take place on Saturday, September 13th.

Lizeth Alvarez Gorosave, Commercial Director of Experiences Xcaret, noted that Xplor Bravest Race, with capacity for 2000 competitors, is unique in its kind because it develops in the enigmatic Mayan jungle, among caves, underground rivers and cenotes, in addition to a set of obstacles that test the skill of the participants to meet the challenge.

Xplor Bravest Race integrates a two-mile challenge in a jungle with natural and artificial obstacles where concentration, skills and strength of the runners will be essential to complete the race. Participants must run, jump, swim, climb, crawl and get dirty to escape the Wild Hunters who will try to take their brave flags away. “This is a race out of the ordinary where survival is the only instinct which dominates” commented Alvarez Gorosave.

During his speech, the Xplor Operations Manager, Armando Ruiz Villalobos, said that the organization considers not only the participants, designing a circuit that allows them to live a great experience, but there are also spaces for family and friends to enjoy a very special day watching the race and also enjoying a big party with music and different choices of food and drinks.

Admission to the race is $ 980 Mexican pesos per participant, but those who register before June 30 will pay only $ 686 Mexican pesos. Entries can now be made ​​online at the official website of the event www.xplorbravestrace.com


La Isla, the Reality is a T.V program broadcasted by Canal Siete de Televisión Azteca. A reality that puts the physical and mental strength of the 18 participants to the test by fighting a battle in which only the most skillful one will get the final prize. Competitors will be divided into three teams and every week during a 2-month period will get their abilities tested with the objective of getting rid of their opponents until only one winner is left. Only a few lucky participants of Xplor Bravest Race will be considered for the casting and invited to participate in La Isla, the Reality in its coming season.



Xplor is an underground park where you live five great adventures. You can fly the highest and safest zip lines Cancun and Riviera Maya, drive by the best routes through the jungle aboard amphibious vehicles, paddle on rafts along an underground river, swim in the most spectacular rivers of stalactites and surprise with unique scenarios on a hike through caves and grottos. An all-inclusive park where you can enjoy energy food as a part of your adventure.