Experiencias Xcaret records the Greatest Digital Transformation of its History

XCARET, QUINTANA ROO, MEXICO; SEPTEMBER 27, 2018 – Throughout 2017 and so far this year, Grupo Experiencias Xcaret has made investments of more than 13 million dollars in the strengthening of its digital platforms, to offer better experiences to its customers, said Juan Manuel Soriano Macías, Executive Director of Corporate Strategy of the organization, referring to the convening of the World Tourism Organization to talk about the digital transformation in the industry.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), every 24 hours the industry generates five billion searches on Google; 22.7 million passengers; 22.5 million views in Expedia; 14 million lodging reservations; 15.2 million visits to Tripadvisor; 2.5 billion dollars of retail spending; one billion credit card transactions, and 20,000 new jobs.

“The digital transformation that is taking place within Experiencias Xcaret is the most important in its history, and marks the beginning of its strengthening for the years to come, consolidating its competitive position in the industry,” said Soriano. “Experiencias Xcaret chose to make strategic alliances with global leaders such as Google, Amazon, SAP, Salesforce and Facebook, among others, with projects that are focused on generating in-depth solutions to offer better services and experiences to customers,” the Executive added.

Amazon’s General Director for Mexico, Ricardo Rentería, said that together with Experiencias Xcaret, the company works on strategies that put the client in the most important place, and from which projects are generated with the support of information, big data and artificial intelligence, to offer solutions to the specific needs of the organization. He highlighted the case of the photography services of the parks, tours and Hotel Xcaret México, in which innovation processes are being generated that result in the total satisfaction of the final client. “We will continue working on that route, to continue perfecting what has been achieved up to now,” said Renteria. It should be noted that the photography service developed by Experiencias Xcaret is unique in the world, due to the degree of innovation it has.

For his part Desmond Mullarkey, President and CEO of SAP Mexico, considered as a great success the steps that Experiencias Xcaret is taking in its digital transformation, particularly in the use of platforms that encourage the development of employees, and those that allow improving the processes focused on customers. He stressed that tourism is a noble activity that generates relevant social and economic impacts and that the use of digital technology is a great opportunity to boost its development.

In the commercial sector, the digital transformation of Experiencias Xcaret has results that stand out in the industry, such as the fact of marketing in 16 currencies and 32 forms of payment, with direct sales in 107 countries. The websites use cutting edge technology; they have adopted responsive technology, microdata and more recently AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), focused on improving the experiences of users on mobile devices. It also has the best affiliate strategy in Latin America, recognized by the International Performance Marketing Awards.

In terms of digital marketing, investments are made for better management of search campaigns such as Google and Bing, which translates into the optimization of resources. Thanks to the new technologies, a more efficient experience is offered to Facebook audiences, to automatically answer frequently asked questions and to display information about parks and tours in a simple way.

This year, World Tourism Day highlights opportunities for sustainable development represented by technological advances, such as data intelligence, artificial intelligence and digital platforms. The World Tourism Organization (WTO) considers that digital advances and innovation are part of the response to the challenge of combining continuous growth with greater sustainability and responsibility in the tourism sector.