About Grupo Xcaret

We are a family passionate about being unique and extraordinary hosts serving Mexico, our guests and visitors, providing intense happiness moments that will transcend on their lives.

We share the best of us while being joyful, warm, and hospitable. We own with great enthusiasm the privilege of quality serving most originally. We create innovative opportunities, using our imagination as much as we can since it creates more. We are always seeking how things can get done.

By patient creating, a valuable common future, and strength, we are committed to getting things done right at the first attempt, instead of waiting for second opportunities.

By working harmonically as a team, we reach common goals and add talent and heart to improve at each step.

The Danza de Los Viejitos (Dance of the Old Men) is a folkloric, traditional dance from the Mexican state of Michoacán.

We acknowledge that we are people collaborating with other people, and that implies taking care of others.

Respecting human dignity and being flawless in every relationship by considering the other as a person in every dimensión. We believe and practice equality.

We are consistent in our thoughts, and what we say and do, while having ethics as guidance. We share knowledge and receive humble the teachings we receive and thanking the opportunity of learning something.

Every day, we find the motivation that encourages us to leave a positive impression in each person we interact with.

Also, we understand that sustainability is part of the balance between present and future life. We are committed to our community and Mexico by giving purpose to everything we receive from nature, and looking for a way to keep, return, or give something to keep building a harmonious place on Earth. We use rationally all resources, both material and monetary, owned by the organization.

We proudly diffuse the natural and cultural heritage of our country.

With each human touch, strategy, decision, and action, we make Mexico better and contribute to having a greater and happier planet.

We are Xcaret, we are Mexico. 

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