With the purpose of consolidating ourselves as an even more profitable and sustainable company, we established “prosperity” as one of the pillars of our management; in it we consider all actions related to the economic performance of the business and the generation of value to society and the environment. Here we integrate aspects related to governance, business ethics, economic performance, responsible marketing and promotion of the Mexican economy.


We are a privately held company, whose property remains in the possesion of a family. However, the partners made the decision to institutionalize the family business to achieve its permanence, growth and continuity. In 2010, they signed the “100 años de sustentabilidad” trust, which governs the corporate decisions of our organization.


By agreement of the technical committee of the trust and with the purpose of advancing in our strategic positioning, at the end of 2018 we stopped using the word “Experiencias” in our nomenclature to call us “Grupo Xcaret”.


Our organization is about to achieve three decades of existence. We want to continue building prosperity for many people, for many families and for our country. That is why our commitment to a more prosperous society is interdependent on our lasting business success, but also on the success of other companies, professionals and artisans. Excellence, ethics, innovation, sustainability and love for Mexico are core themes of our group’s growth strategy.


In Grupo Xcaret, we have developed a code of ethics with 14 principles that endorse our commitment to avoid conflicts of interest, compliance with the law, regulations and standards that apply to us; as well as the unrestricted and absolute respect for the diversity of ideologies, gender, age, social class, race, nationality, religion, skills and language. Only in this way will we guarantee equal opportunities for growth, improvement and development towards all our stakeholders, the strengthening of national, local and regional economy through the hiring of Mexican collaborators and suppliers. Code of Ethical Conduct, we prepare the proposed code that was implemented in 2019, signed at the annual meeting of partners.


For Grupo Xcaret, certifications are tools that evaluate our performance through national and international standards that allow us to advance on the path of continuous improvement and, therefore, of excellence. In addition, we consolidate good practices on the programs and projects we develop. During 2018 we received a total of four certifications and 13 awards, which recognize our management in matters of quality, hygiene, marketing, safety, sustainability, technology, among others.