Environmental Management (Planet interaction/Prosperity)  

Environmental Management guarantees the harmony between the Planet and Prosperity axis, considering the group of activities or strategies developed to make sure of a responsible operation of our natural heritage at the same time we earn a profitable growth without putting our resources on risk.

To achieve this relation, we have developed management systems based on the identification, measuring, planning, implementation, verification, and improvement of our practices.

Education for sustainability (Planet interaction / People)  

We believe education is a via to transform, as the process where a person or a society grow strong and Access higher levels of capacity, happiness, and summit.

Among the Planet and People foundations, we identify education as the path to create integral understanding actions for our relationship with others, with the planet, and our part in the business world, which helps us grow as a group in sustainability within and outside our borders. 

Education well founded, is the right way to deploy a living sense, which has its origins in the search of people to expand their creative capacities, changing their minds, and working together to a sustainable future. 

People well-being (Prosperity Interaction / People) 

At Grupo Xcaret, we consider people as the key point of everything produced. At this point, is where the foundations of People and Prosperity are nestled, as an equal relationship where there cannot be growing in one side without its counterpart. 

To guarantee the development of both foundations in our model, there are several programs to make continuous learning and developing a greater force for everyone working at this company. As a natural consequence, we work to make sure each of our coworkers has access to proper housing, electricity, tubed water, nutrition, health, and education since we believe it is the starting point to achieve development.