For Grupo Xcaret, the safety of our visitors, guests and collaborators, is a paramount. For this
reason, we are applying the recommendations issued by the World Health Organization in each of
our facilities.

  • Placement and use of hand sanitizer at every access or entrance (guests, visitors,
    collaborators and providers), warehouses, toilettes, restrooms, transport, transfer centers,
    first aid units, consumption centers and buses. In addition, we follow a strict hand-washing
    protocol with all our staff.
  •  Constant cleaning and disinfection of common areas for both visitors and collaborators.
  • Daily informing our key personnel to reinforce preventive measures.
  • In the event of identifying people with suspicious symptoms of COVID-19, we have
    stablished approaching protocols and primary care will be provided by medical staff and, if
    necessary, they will be channeled directly to a health institution.

It should be noted that all our facilities are wide open-air spaces or well-ventilated areas that
promote the dispersion of our visitors. Moreover, we are implementing measures to avoid
extreme closeness in those areas where large numbers of visitors or guests gather. All this reduces
considerably the possibility of the propagation of the COVID-19.

For the 30 years we have been operating, we have applied high standards and protocols of safety
and hygiene at all our facilities and our processes in a disciplined and responsible way. This has
earned us the Cristal International Standards certifications as well as the Distintivo H recognition.

Our Parks, Hotel and Tours are operating regularly. We continue receiving our guests, visitors and
partners with the quality and service for which we are renowned

In Quintana Roo we are in Stage 1 (imported virus) which means that the detected cases are
minimum and the contagion occurred outside Mexico. The State Ministry of Health informed that
each case was promptly detected, isolated and given the proper treatment; as well as identifying the people with whom they were in contact. All isolation protocols were followed in order to
minimize risks.