Experiencias Xcaret Opens Xenses Next Summer

With an investment of 25.5 million dollars, Grupo Experiencias Xcaret opens its sixth Park next summer, which will be called Xenses, focused on rediscovering the power of the senses and the mind through multiple sensory activities.

The description of the new attraction of Experiencias Xcaret notes that “Xenses is an incomparable park, a place as fun as it is magical, as amazing as it is enigmatic, and as absurd as it is rational. Here you will be the protagonist of this experience, in a place with real and imaginary scenarios that will surround your senses and take you to a fantastic world where your perception will be challenged.”

The experience for visitors begins in the Pinwheel, a space where reality is perceived differently, or so it seems, because in Xenses reality goes beyond what it seems. Xenses’ attractions and activities will be located in two circuits, the first including Way of Dwarfs and Giants, Xensatorium, Underground Arteries, The Eden and Xítrico Garden.

At the same time, another circuit offers The Heartbeat, Townville, Recamara, The Breather, A Slip on a Slide, Flutterfly, Sludgerie, Riverlaxing, Rain, Cloud and  Marblelous.
“Experience Xcaret celebrates 25 years of being a leader in sustainable tourism and recreation in Mexico and in promoting the diversification of activities for those who visit Cancun and Riviera Maya”, said Vice President Carlos Constandse, who pointed out that Xenses is a unique park in the world developed with local talent.

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