Experiencias Xcaret Consumption Centers Receive the “H Distinction”

The consumption centers of Grupo Experiencias Xcaret received for the umpteenth time the “H Distinction” for high handling standards that guarantee food safety and the health of its visitors, with consistent operations 365 days a year.

“We adhere strictly to the procedures of the norm, because we have a high commitment to ensure all our visitors fully enjoy their vacation, with the best quality food,” said the Deputy Director of Food and Beverage of Experiencias Xcaret, Agustin Cruz Gatica. “Every day we produce food for 15 thousand people on average, at our various centers of consumption, with excellent quality,” he said.

The “H Distinction” is a recognition granted by the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health to those fixed establishments of foods and beverages that strictly comply with the hygiene standards that the Mexican norm NMX-F605 NORMEX 2004 marks. The Distinction ensures efficiency in procedures for the reception of food, storage, handling of chemicals, cooling and freezing, cooking, food preparation, service areas, water and ice, health services for employees, waste management, pest control, personnel and bar operations.

The distinctions for Experiencias Xcaret were received by the Deputy Director of Food and Beverage of Experiencias Xcaret, Agustin Cruz Gatica, together with Orlando Trejo, Executive Chef for Xcaret Park, Santiago de los Reyes, Executive Chef for Xplor Park, and Itzel Chávez, Quality Coordinator of Food and Beverage of Grupo Experiencias Xcaret.  It should be noted that for 10 consecutive years the consumption centers of Grupo Experiencias Xcaret have been certified with the best scores in evaluations of the “H Distinction”, and have consistently received recognition.



Xcaret is one of Mexico’s ecotourism destinations located on the shore of the Caribbean Sea. There are three Underground Rivers surrounded by magnificent natural scenarios. The area also features amazing marine and land species, protected by Xcaret’s conservation programs. More than 300 performers exhibit the history, culture and folklore of Mexico and display three expressions of the land. The exquisite flavors of Mexico and other delicious varieties of international cuisine are featured in more than 10 restaurants in the Park.