EarthCheck Certification in Planning and Design For Hotel Xcaret Mexico in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera

Hotel Xcaret Mexico has become the first hotel in the Americas to receive the internationally recognised EarthCheck Certification in Planning and Design.

Stewart Moore, CEO and Founder of EarthCheck said “The sustainability challenges of tomorrow demand a new set of professional design and project management skills. This includes identifying the right building performance indicators to align business outcomes with sustainability principles. The EarthCheck Design Standards provide an integrated approach to project delivery – from planning, design and construction through to managing the operational life-cycle of a tourism asset.

“Good design needs to be holistic, incorporate performance based operational metrics and take a whole of systems approach. EarthCheck standards are based on Agenda 21 principles and are structured to help tourism projects become not only great places to visit and work in but also improve the quality of life of local communities. We congratulate the team at Experiencias Xcaret for taking a leadership position by becoming the first EarthCheck Design project in Mexico.”

During the certification of the Hotel Xcaret Mexico, Marcos Constandse Redko, Destino Xcaret´s Director, thanked EarthCheck for the support during the construction process of the hotel, in order to adhere to  leading international practices in sustainable tourism.

“It has taken us nine years of planning along with geological, environmental and water studies, which helped us to achieve a holistic project that will preserve the ecosystems and, moreover, enrich them,” said Marcos Constandse.

He added that the operation of the Hotel Xcaret Mexico, which will open its doors on December 1st of this year, will implement programs for the efficient use of water and electricity, boost the economy of the region and reduce its carbon footprint.

The ceremony took place in Xcaret Park, as part of the EarthCheck Inner Circle 2017 Forum, which was recently held in Quintana Roo, Mexico.


EarthCheck is an award winning global business advisory group specialising in sustainability. In the past decade, EarthCheck have supported more than 360 research projects with a total value of $260 million. Its flagship product, EarthCheck Certified, is the world’s leading scientific benchmarking and certification program for the Travel & Tourism industry. EarthCheck Consulting works with tourism development bodies from Ireland to Australia to Ecuador. The EarthCheck Building, Planning and Design Standards are being utilised on four continents in economies and landscapes as diverse as Dubai, Zanzibar, China and Mexico. Currently, EarthCheck is advising more than 1,300 tourism and travel operators across 30+ industry sectors in 70 countries across the globe to make tourism sustainable every day.

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