The power of social media: The Lost Wedding Band

On 2013 Martin Castillo and Jessica Garza went to their honeymoon on Riviera Maya and while scuba Diving Martin lost his ring. Back on the boat, the two realized that the ring was missing and waited more than five hours by the dock as their scuba instructor unsuccessfully searched for it.

Some months later, Daniel Roark, found the gold band while diving off the coast of Playa del Carmen on the Yucatan peninsula.

He posted a message on Facebook hoping to reunite the ring with the owner. The post reached during the first weeks 120,000 shares and the hashtag #thelostweddingband got shared over 200,000 times.

Three months later, after the Facebook campaign began, he received a Facebook message in his inbox from a woman in Mexico claiming that a wedding ring he had found belonged to her cousin Jessica’s husband.

The woman who messaged Roark offered as evidence her cousin’s wedding photos, including a picture of two identical rings — one of which was lost on the couple’s honeymoon scuba diving in a reef off the eastern tip of Mexico.

After the cousin’s message, Roark contacted Jessica Garza through her Facebook page.

The ring can now return with Martin and Jessica. This reminds us that “there are a lot of good people still out there”, as Castillo said.

On March 21st at 10:00 AM Xcaret will be part of this wonderful encounter at the Mayan Village of Xcaret