Daniel, the diver who became a guardian angel of a great love

“Fate, chance, gods, not often send great emissaries in white horses. Fate, in all its versions, always use heralds humble.”

Francisco Umbral, Spanish writer.

When Daniel Roark was a child, his father took him to participate in humanitarian missions in Africa. For a child of Massachusetts, in the United States, this is not common, but for Daniel it really happens. The value of generosity marked him forever. So, when he found a ring while snorkelling on the reef “Barracuda” of the Mexican Rivieran Maya, in mid-2014, he focused on finding the real owners of the ring.

The band looked like a wedding ring, but it contained an inscription quite rare: “JESSICA 16 02 13 TYYJCEM”. So, Daniel decide to publish a photograph of the ring on her Facebook account and asked if anyone claimed it as theirs. Very quickly the hashtag #TheLostWeddingBand turned viral worldwide and more than 50 couples claimed it as their own. However, no conclusive information confirmed the ownership of the ring.

Three months after the first publication, when the hashtag got shared more than 200,000 times, Daniel received a message from Jessica´s Garza cousin, who did not only ensured that the jewel belonged to his family, but also explained the circumstances in which they lost the ring and sent photographs documenting every detail of the story.

Daniel learned that Martin and Jessica celebrated their honeymoon, right in the Riviera Maya on early 2013, and while diving on the Snuba Reef at Xcaret Martin misplaced the ring. Although they searched for it more than five hours, with support from the staff of Xcaret, they were not able to locate it.

Daniel contacted Jessica through Facebook and confirmed that the version agreed, the images of the ring were equal and the information provided was real. What is unusual is that the jewel appeared within 2 miles away from it was loss. Sea currents intervened with their own contributions.

A dilemma is then presented to them, as Daniel lives in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, and Martin and Jessica in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico. For that time they were unable to afford a trip to pick up the jewel, and Daniel had not planned to visit Mexico again.

The news was for Martin and Jessica a light on the path. In fact, the relationship was coming to an eventual breaking point thanks to pressures and adverse situations. The message was a sign that they should remain together.

The search had come to an end. And like in the great stories of love, a succession of events had to occur to complete the path. Aware of the story and its great impact, Grand Velas Hotel, natural park Xcaret and Riviera Maya Tourism Promotion Trust decided to organize and to invite the protagonists of the story to put it a happy ending.

So, at the equinox of spring 2015, Daniel, Martin and Jessica met in the Riviera Maya and staged a unique event. During his message, he praised the noble heart that made ​​possible the recovery of the ring, a symbolic element that marks a new stage in the life of the couple.

At Grand Velas Hotel, Martin and Jessica renewed their wedding vows having Daniel, his “Angel”,  as a special witnessed, who returned finally the treasure.

But the story does not end here. During the meeting, Martin and Jessica announce that they will have their first baby. And as in the day of your wedding, they have once again renewed its most powerful conviction: be joined together. You and me against the world!(TYYJCEM).

The Guardian Angel is one who, according to Christian belief, God sends to people when they are born to protect them throughout their lives. Daniel Roark, an exceptional human being, has now a great story to tell.