Xcaret Completes Its 25th Anniversary

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Xcaret Park, located in the Riviera Maya, will develop diverse activities throughout 2016, in order to share with their guests this special occasion.

Under the heading “25 Years Celebrating Life… Thanks to You”, this period of festivities is aimed at the millions of visitors from around the world who have come to know Xcaret Park.

Among the new attractions at Xcaret include its Aviary, an impressive habitat created to house, in its first stage, more than 1,500 birds of 50 different species representative of our country. It is now open to the public.

As part of the celebrations, a new act joined Xcaret México Espectacular: “Carnaval”, which projects the joy that frames this colorful tradition in different states of Mexico, with regional particularities.

During their stay at Xcaret, all visitors can enjoy the classic “Mañanitas”, as well as a commemorative Parade, which celebrates traditional Mexican dress, and indigenous and mestizo nuances, according to the area it represents.

In the summer of 2016 Xcaret will open a new space specially dedicated to children, “The Children’s World”,  so that you can enjoy even more your stay at this Park, considered “The Embassy of Mexico”.

The exhibition “25 Years, 25 Traditions of Mexico”, which projects the multicultural richness of our country, is also presented, along with the photographic series “25 Years Building Xcaret”, which reveals how the Park was established over time.

Xcaret visitors will have the opportunity to take “behind the scenes” tours to see how the aviary and aquarium operate daily. In addition, they are invited to practice the Mayan Ballgame while wearing traditional attire.

Xcaret opened its doors at the end of 1990 as an option for tourist recreation that offered direct contact with the natural and cultural heritage of Quintana Roo. It was founded by Architect Miguel Quintana and brothers Oscar, Marcos and Carlos Constandse. Since then, Xcaret has received over 20 million visitors and has been established as the most important tourist attraction in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

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1.- We have recovered the Mayan ballgame, a pre-Hispanic tradition that had fallen into disuse. Today it is not only played at Xcaret, but in numerous Mayan communities on the Yucatan Peninsula and in Central America.

2.- We signed a historic agreement with the INAH that allowed the restoration of the archaeological site of Xcaret and consolidated research on this important site of the Mayan culture.

3.- We’ve reinstated the Sacred Mayan Journey, a pre-Hispanic tradition that hadn’t been practiced in 500 years, but today is a pride of Quintana Roo and its inhabitants.

4.- We designed and staged the most representative spectacle of Mexico, the most important Mexican show in the world, with more than 16 million viewers.

5.- We created the first Live Coral Reef Aquarium in the world, developed by Mexican specialists. With the help of significant advances in marine life research, we’ve accomplished the reproduction of endangered coral species and opened up the possibility of recovering reef ecosystems.

6.- We have increased the population of scarlet macaws in the wild by 55% in the jungles of Mexico, an important achievement as it is a species in danger of extinction.

7.- We have propelled forward the most important sea turtle conservation program in Mexico and have helped over eight million hatchlings reach the sea.

8.- We were the first private company in Quintana Roo to have an environmental education program aimed at students of public schools.

9.- We revived the Day of the Dead celebrations with all of its traditions and inaugurated a regional cemetery of the Yucatan Peninsula over 10 years ago.

10.- We’ve habilitated three Underground Rivers so that visitors could get to know the wonderful subterranean landscape that characterizes this region.

11.- We have been established as the most emblematic Park of Mexico.

12.- Xcaret is the principal promoter of flora, fauna and culture of Southeastern Mexico.

13.- We developed the “Ley de la varilla” and “La arquitectura al llegue”, innovative construction models for creating spaces for recreational tourism by taking advantage of nature’s own work in the jungles of Quintana Roo.

14.- We’ve paved the way for sustainable tourist recreation in Mexico, with recognition from the World Tourism Organization.